Video: 24-member expat gang arrested police operation

  • 2 years   ago
Video: 24-member expat gang arrested police operation

A group of 24 men, associated with cheating individuals through telephone tricks that include counterfeit money prizes, has been captured, the Abu Dhabi Police said on Tuesday (April 2). 

As a team with the Ajman Police, the Abu Dhabi Police found the Asian nationals and caught them in a condo in Ajman. 

As per Brig Imran Ahmed Al Mazrouei, executive of CID at the Abu Dhabi Police, the suspects have been making irregular telephone calls to occupants, promising them fake money prizes. 

He said the ongoing episode goes ahead the impact points of two comparable cases in February, where the Abu Dhabi Police captured Asian groups that were engaged with telephone tricks. 


In the past occurrences, the Abu Dhabi Financial Prosecutors said they had alluded 24 men to court for preliminary, after examinations recommended that they duped individuals by revealing to them they've won prizes and asserting that they were working for enormous organizations in the UAE. 

Examiners said the suspects had made a telephone call to an inhabitant and disclosed to him that he had won Dh500,000 in prize cash. The men at that point purportedly requested that he exchange some cash as handling charge for the prize. Purportedly, the men had given the unfortunate casualty the number on his SIM card - revealing to him that it was a mystery number - just to persuade him that their cases were certified. 

In the most recent episode, Al Mazrouei said the culprits requested that the unfortunate casualties exchange telephone credits as handling charges for the money prizes. 

Col Sultan Al Kaabi, a CID officer, stated: "A few cell phones that were being utilized to call the people in question and swindle them were seized from the condo." 

Techniques utilized by telephone fraudsters 

>They make calls or once in a while send messages to individuals guaranteeing they have won huge money prizes through their specialist organizations 

>They would then advise the cell phone clients to send cash through cash trade workplaces or send them phone energize cards as charges for handling the prizes 

>Once the injured individual sends cash, the criminal switches off the cell phone and vanishes 

Step by step instructions to abstain from being hoodwinked 

>Be ready when you get telephone calls and messages that illuminate you about winning immense prizes 

>Disconnect promptly when the guest requests that you send any cash or telephone credit 

>Never uncover your bank or card details,pin numbers, eVouchers or revive card numbers to obscure guests 

>Never exchange cash to individuals you don't know accordingly exchanges could uncover your bank subtleties 

>Report the callers to 8002626