This woman has been drinking only Pepsi since 1954

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Drinking Pepsi for over six decades hasn't had any adverse effect on her health.

A 77-year-old awesome grandma guaranteed she has had nothing else to drink except for her most loved fizzy fly for as long as 64 years. 

Jackie Page from Carshalton, Surrey, has been expending four jars of Pepsi daily since she initially got the chance to taste it in 1954 when she was 13. Passing by that, Page has since devoured what might as well be called three million sugar solid shapes and she demanded she has dependably been thin, fit and sound, revealed

The resigned servant, who is a mother of four with 11 grandkids and eight incredible grandkids stated, "I don't consider it a compulsion. It's simply something I like and I can't resist in the event that I don't care for whatever else." Adding that she adores to swallow Pepsi from a can and not from a jug, Page stated, "A few people may believe it's irregular and that these days you shouldn't drink Pepsi. In any case, I couldn't care less and I won't agree to whatever else. I wouldn't drink water - no chance. Not regardless of whether I was kicking the bucket. What's more, I won't drink tea or espresso." 

Drinking Pepsi for more than six decades hasn't had any unfriendly impact on her wellbeing, asserted Page. "I have dependably been outrageously thin until around five years back - yet I surmise that is on account of I am not as dynamic as I seemed to be. Straight up until the point when I was 60 I was all the while doing line moving and I was truly fit, however I can't get out to do that now." She included, "They say Pepsi is awful for your teeth - yet I am a wartime child and there's relatively few of us without spoiled teeth so I wouldn't know." 


She has had more than 93,000 jars costing £65,800 and wouldn't drink drain or water as a youngster. "I didn't care for drain or water. My mum used to state 'you need to drink something'. I know she used to give me lemonade or cherryade," said Page, who presently functions as a carer. 

She uncovered that she needed to quickly surrender Pepsi while bringing forth her kids in the sixties as it was prohibited from the maternity ward. In any case, when she was hospitalized for other real activities, Page said she was permitted to devour Pepsi there. "The staff even enabled me to keep my Pepsi in the kitchen ice chest since I wouldn't drink whatever else. My children used to come up to visit me in the healing facility with provisions of it so I remained hydrated," she said. 

Page's adoration for the beverage likewise drove her to name her puppy 'Pepsi' regardless she has it before anything else. "I have a chilly one when I awaken every day in a row from the cooler."