Syria says it will allow Qatar Airways to use its airspace

  • 2 years   ago

Syria's vehicle serve says Qatar Airways' solicitation to fly through Syrian airspace has been endorsed. Aircrafts have stayed away from Syria since the common war broke out in 2011, causing long reroutes. 

Ali Hammoud said Monday that the measure will spare Qatar's state-possessed aircraft time and cash. 

Qatar Airways did not quickly remark on the report. 



Hammoud said the reroute around Syrian airspace had cost aircrafts as long as an hour and a half. He said Syria consented to Qatar's solicitation since it has not prevented Syrian carriers from traveling to Doha. 

In a discretionary line with its Gulf neighbors, Qatar had been restricted from flying over Saudi and Bahraini airspace, costing the leader bearer huge income misfortunes. Qatar Airways has since been permitted over Bahrain on account of waivers consulted through the International Civil Aviation Organization.