Some countries remain unaware of ‘iqama’ stickers cancellation

  • 1 year ago
Some countries remain unaware of ‘iqama’ stickers cancellation

Some Arab and outside nations have not yet responded to the choice of the legislature of Kuwait about crossing out of home grant stickers on travel papers of ostracizes and presently can't seem to settle on the issue of considering the common ID rather than the visa, reports Al-Qabas day by day citing solid sources. 

The political sources said the international safe havens certify to Kuwait have educated their individual governments regarding the choice of the Kuwaiti government to drop the living arrangement grant stickers, yet Arab and outside nations still can't seem to adjust to the instrument. 


The sources clarified that the electronic application for visas to certain nations from exiles living in Kuwait are regularly dismissed in light of the fact that the concerned specialist searches for the living arrangement sticker while the issue is simple when visiting the international safe haven of the nation.