Snake rescued from sleeping man’s kurta

  • 1 year ago
Snake rescued from sleeping man’s kurta

Many people would be freaked out by the minor sight of a snake, however one man in Maharashtra's Ahmednagar rested in spite of a snake taking asylum inside his shirt. The man, a relative of a patient at an administration medical clinic, was sleeping on the floor of the premises when the episode occurred. 

A watchful individual from the medical clinic's staff recognized the reptile and some brisk activity brought about a salvage from which both man and snake developed solid. 


In a video doing the rounds on the web, an older man wearing a white dhoti-kurta is seen dozing calmly on a tangle, while others drift around him subsequent to detecting the green snake through his kurta. Emergency clinic staff allegedly alarmed the Wildlife Rescue Society in Ahmednagar and looked for their help. Work force from the salvage focus figured out how to haul out the snake from the man's kurta without waking him. 

The video demonstrates the salvage work force lifting the man's kurta to recover the snake, that was later recognized as a green keelback, a non-venomous species. 

The snake was later securely discharged into nature.