Saudi woman seeking asylum 'under the care' of UN agency: Thailand official

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Saudi woman seeking asylum 'under the care' of UN agency: Thailand official

The Saudi teen who made an edgy supplication for asylum after landing at Bangkok airport has been set "under the care" of the United Nations refugee agency, a Thai authority said late Monday. 

Rahaf Mohammed Motlaq Alqunun revealed to AFP she  ran away from her family while going in Kuwait since they exposed her to physical and mental maltreatment. 

On Twitter, where Alqunun has aggregated a huge number of followers in about a day-and-a-half, she composed of being in "genuine risk" if forced to come back to her family under strain from Saudi experts, and has guaranteed in media meets that she could be killed. 

Alqunun disclosed to Human Rights Watch she was escaping maltreatment from her family, including beatings and death threats from her male relatives who forced her to stay in her room for a half year for cutting her hair. 

Thai migration boss Surachate Hakparn had said Sunday that Alqunun was  denied entry because she had lack of documents.

But he made an abrupt about-face the next day, following a worldwide media furor as the young lady argued on Twitter for various nations to help her.

After announcing that Thailand "won't constrain her" to leave, Surachate told reporters late Monday that Alqunun would be "permitted to remain" after a meeting with authorities from the UN refugee agency UNHCR. 


"She is under the consideration of the UNHCR now yet we additionally sent Thai security to enable take to mind (of her)," Surachate told columnists at Suvarnabhumi airplane terminal. 

He said Alqunun had revealed to UNHCR authorities she "needs to remain in Thailand for some time while looking for shelter to a third nation." 

The office "will take five days to think about her status" and an additional five days to orchestrate travel, Surachate stated, including that he would meet with Saudi ambassadors on Tuesday to clarify Thailand's choice. 

Following the declaration, a calmed Alqunun tweeted that she felt safe "under UNHCR insurance with the assention of Thailand experts," including that her identification had been come back to her subsequent to being removed on Sunday. 

Surachate had told correspondents before Monday Alqunun was halted by migration since Saudi authorities had reached them to state she had fled her family.