Saudi Prince's Sister Ordered Bodyguard To Beat Up Worker, Faces Trial

  • 1 year ago
Saudi Prince's Sister Ordered Bodyguard To Beat Up Worker, Faces Trial

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's sister is to be put on trial in Paris on july for allegedly requesting her bodyguard to  beat up a laborer in the French capital, a legal source told AFP Yesterday. 

This case against Princess Hassa bint Salman comes from an alleged assault in her apartment on the ultra-costly Avenue Foch in west Paris in September 2016. 

The trial is expected to be judged a decision on July 9, the source said. 

The alleged victim has said he was contracted to carry out refurbishment work at Princess Hassa's apartment and that she lost control after he snapped a picture, accusing him of wanting to sell it to the media.

He alleges the princess, said to be in her 40s, at that point requested the guardian to beat him. 

Le Point magazine announced that the princess yelled: "Murder him, the dog, he doesn't have the right to live". 


The laborer says he was punched in the face, his hands were tied and he was compelled to kiss the princess' feet during an hours-long ordeal.

His tools were appropriated before he was permitted to leave. 

AFP detailed at the time of the occurrence that his wounds were severe to the point that he was requested off labor for eight days. 

Bodyguard charged 

The bodyguard was charged on October 1, 2016 with furnished brutality, robbery, issuing death threats and holding somebody without wanting to. 

Princess Hassa is probably going to be missing from the trial as she has not been apprehended under a worldwide arrest warrant issued in 2017. 

The Saudi media for her philanthropy work and women's rights campaigning, Princess Hassa is sister to Prince Mohammed, one of the  powerful leaders in the Middle East. 

Known by his initials MBS, 32-year-old Prince Mohammed has shaken up Saudi Arabia and the more extensive Middle East since he was raised to crown prince in 2017. 

Prince Mohammed has introduced himself as a champion of moderate Islam, Widely regarded as de facto leader under his 82-year-old dad King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

In any case, the crown prince has confronted a diplomatic crisis since the murder of writer Jamal Khashoggi, a  fierce critic, at the Saudi office in Istanbul in October a year ago. 

The Saudis, after at first denying they knew anything from claiming Khashoggi's vanishing, at long last acknowledged that a group executed him inside the consulate, yet portrayed it as a rogue activity that did not include the crown prince. 

Princess Hassa's legal case isn't the first time through Saudi royalty have had a brush with the law in France.  

French authorities requested assets for be seized from Saudi princess Maha al-Sudairi In 2013, spouse of the then interior minister Prince Nayef container Abdul Aziz, over an unpaid lavish inn tab of almost six million euros ($6.8 million).