Robbers flee with entire ATM machine

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Robbers flee with entire ATM machine

Robbers fled with a whole ATM machine which contained around Rs 30 lakh close to the Nawada metro station in Dwarka, police said on Tuesday. 

Police said the occurrence occurred on the mediating night of Monday and Tuesday. The looters secured the CCTV cameras with oil. 

The trough of the Corporation Bank documented a grumbling on Tuesday in which he said the bank works from 9 am to 9 pm and after which, the security protect on obligation pulls the screens down on both-the bank and the ATM. 

On Monday, the watchman neglected to pull the shade down of the ATM, a senior cop said. 


In the grumbling, he said when the staff went to the bank on Tuesday, the ATM machine was feeling the loss of, the officer said. 

The bank has a product which empowers the CCTV cameras put inside the stay with the ATM to go on rest mode till next morning, police said. 

Police authorities said they are not discounting the contribution of the bank staff in the episode. There is doubt on the gatekeeper as how he neglected to pull the shade. It will be clear once the examination is finished, police said. 

Beginning examination uncovered that the blamed, suspected to be two burglars, cut the wire of the CCTV which was put outside the machine subsequent to covering its focal point with oil. After that they evacuated the machine, the officer said. 

Police said they have a few hints about the blamed people subsequent to checking the recording for the CCTV, the officer stated, including two men have been suspected who visited the ATM before the burglary occurred. 

The administrator said they had put Rs 16 lakh in the ATM on Monday at around 3.30 pm and the aggregate sum in the machine was Rs 30 lakh, police said. 

"A case has been enlisted under segment 380 (Theft ) and 457 (Trespass) of the Indian Penal Code and examination has been started. Police have framed two groups to seize the blamed people," Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka) Anto Alphonse said.