Pakistani waiter finds fame as 'Game of Thrones' look-alike

  • 2 years   ago
Pakistani waiter finds fame as 'Game of Thrones' look-alike
Up to this point, a Pakistani server working in a little bistro in the city of Rawalpindi thought nothing about the TV arrangement "Round of Thrones" — or its screw-up character played by U.S. on-screen character Peter Dinklage. 
However at this point, 26-year-old Rozi Khan has clients requesting to have selfies taken with him and fields steady inquiries regarding his uncanny similarity to Dinklage, 49. The American on-screen character has played Tyrion Lannister, a clever and wily aristocrat, since the arrangement started in 2011. 
Individuals even stop Khan in the city, he says, additionally for selfies. 
Khan does not just have a comparable look, hair style and facial hair as Dinklage, yet the two offer a hereditary condition that outcomes in little stature. The Pakistani server says his tallness is 1.33 meters, or 4 feet 5 inches. 
Dinklage's Pakistani doppelganger admits that he enjoys his newly discovered prominence and that he has trusts the similarity could help haul him out of an actual existence of destitution — and perhaps take him to Hollywood. 
"It is my desire to work with Dinklage in motion pictures," Khan told The Associated Press as clients swarmed around him. "For me, it will be a blessing from heaven to meet Dinklage." 
Other than filling in as a server serving flatbread, sheep and other conventional Kashmiri dishes in the bistro in the army city of Rawalpindi — and gratitude to the striking likeness to Dinklage — Khan has officially featured in a business for a nourishment conveyance administration in Pakistan. 
Khan says the principal individual to notice and educate him regarding the likeness was the eatery proprietor's child, Malik Aslam, who shared a photograph of Khan via web-based networking media around two months back. 
That incited Khan to investigate a few scenes of "Round of Thrones," which is airing on Pakistani link channels. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that he couldn't peruse the captions — he never went to class or figured out how to peruse and compose — he appreciated watching his carbon copy. 
"God made two comparative men, one is a mainstream entertainer and the other is a poor server," Khan included, describing how smiles and giggles of outsiders and even relatives had harmed him previously. 
"Those individuals, passers-by and relatives who used to chuckle at me on account of my short stature presently take selfies with me," he said. "I may live incredible a server, yet I am cheerful that an individual (Dinklage) who seems as though me is treated with deference." 
The American on-screen character has completed a ton to help overshadows wherever battle against the shame over their tallness, Khan likewise said. 
"A few men like Dinklage were honored with notoriety by God. I am glad over his prosperity."