Oman to get its first crown prince

  • 2 months   ago
Oman to get its first crown prince

His Majesty the Sultan issues two Royal Decrees including establishing a specific and stable mechanism for the transfer of the governing authority in the Sultanate and appointing the Crown Prince.

Royal Decree No. 6/2021 issuing the Basic Law of the State

The most important of what was mentioned in Royal Decree No. 6 of 2021 to issue a new Basic Law for the state:

1. Establishing a specific and stable mechanism for the transfer of the governing authority in the Sultanate.

2. Establishing a mechanism for appointing the crown prince and explaining his duties and powers.

3. Emphasizing the principle of the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary as a basis for governance in the state.

4. Emphasizing the role of the state in ensuring more rights and freedoms for citizens.

5. The Basic Law devotes a special chapter to follow up and control government performance by establishing a committee that follows His Majesty the Sultan to follow up and evaluate the performance of ministers, deputy ministers and those in their position.


6. Dedicating a special text for the State's Financial Supervision and Administration Authority to support its role in achieving that governance.

7. Emphasizing the state’s approach to establishing a system of local administration by setting up a special chapter for that.

8. Emphasizing the importance of the role of the Oman Council and its estimated contribution to the comprehensive development process.

9. It includes the competencies of the Oman Council, membership conditions, all rights and duties of members, in addition to regulating everything related to the council’s affairs.

Royal Decree No. 7/2021 promulgating the Oman Council Law