‘No need to amend data on Civil ID with valid stickers’ – Contact embassy if ID lost in Kuwait

  • 2 years   ago
‘No need to amend data on Civil ID with valid stickers’ – Contact embassy if ID lost in Kuwait

Expatriates whose international IDs have legitimate residency stickers are not required to alter their information in their common ID, and they can make a trip to and from Kuwait, reports Al-Seyassah day by day citing Director General of Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) Musaed Al-Asousi. In a public statement, he clarified that a substantial common ID will be regarded as proof that the residency is legitimate because of which an Expatriates who isn't in control of a legitimate common ID and a substantial visa won't be permitted to enter or leave Kuwait. 


Any Expatriate who loses his common ID abroad needs to contact the Embassy of Kuwait in that nation so as to acquire a testament that has subtleties of his residency so he can come back to Kuwait. When he achieves Kuwait, he needs to visit PACI to apply for another common ID. 

In the event that there are botches in the information imprinted on the common ID of an Expatriates, for example, in the name, identification number or employment title, he needs to visit Ministry of Interior for amendment of the misstep, and after that visit the PACI site to apply for another common ID. In the event that an ostracize has substantial residency sticker in his identification however he has exchanged his information to another international ID, he needs to visit PACI so as to acquire another common ID before leaving Kuwait. 

To do residency systems at the migration workplaces, Expatriates need not visit PACI; they can rather adhere to the guidelines sent by means of SMS (portable instant message) or visit the site of PACI to finish the techniques for getting another common ID. Al-Asousi called upon Expatriates to learn the information in their common ID are exact, for example, the international ID number and the name in English, uncovering this is done in three phases – giving over the pertinent application, accepting the receipt from Ministry of Interior and getting SMS from PACI. He stated, "in the event that there is a blunder, the ostracize can visit Ministry of Interior and get the mistake remedied before paying the expenses for the new thoughtful ID". Al-Asousi proceeded to state, "If an Expatriate needs to restore his residency, he needs to visit the site of Ministry of Interior where he should enroll his own information, medical coverage subtleties and phone number. 

On the off chance that there is some mistake or if there are any snags in the residency restoration, the Expatriate will get the data by means of a SMS". Al-Asousi certified that the administrations given by PACI are accessible on the site – www.gov.kw, guaranteeing that those administrations are sufficient for acquiring a common ID without visiting PACI.