No deportation for expats if firm is fictitious – 6 Kuwaitis brought 10,000 expats

  • 2 years   ago
No deportation for expats if firm is fictitious – 6 Kuwaitis brought 10,000 expats

The Directorate-General of Residence Affairs has set to not deport the employees registered below the fictional firms, reports Al-Jarida daily.

The daily side, the house owners of those firms, believed to be six Kuwaitis, who reportedly brought into the country 10,000 employees are charged with trafficking in groups of people and are referred to the general public Prosecution.

A security source told the daily instructions are given to the criminal security sector that these employees should be allowed to rectify their status once paying fines and permitting them to seek out work in alternative firms.


The source aforementioned this call has been taken keeping in mind the ‘human aspect’ since they were the victims of human traffickers and phantom firms.

On the other hand, the directorate General yesterday allotted a large-scale security campaign within the Naeem Scrapyard and also the Jahra Industrial space, that resulted in the arrest of three hundred violators to residence and labor laws.

Security sources told the daily, the campaign was applied upon instructions of the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Lt-Gen sheik Khaled Jarrah in coordination with Assistant secretary for Criminal Security Affairs Major General Khalid Al-Dayeen, and secretary Lt General Essam Al-Naham.

Al-Jarrah noticed the criminal security sector, delineate by the Directorate- General of Residence Investigations has developed an integrated security decide to raid a lot of sites wherever migrant employees live. He noted all those arrested throughout the campaign are going to be referred for deportation and restrictions are imposed on their sponsors. they're going to not be allowed to bring any migrant employees additionally to filing human trafficking cases against them.