'More truth'? Second cache of 9/11 docs released by Dark Overlord hackers

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'More truth'? Second cache of 9/11 docs released by Dark Overlord hackers

The Dark Overlord hacker group  has discharged decoding keys for a second cluster of 9/11 records, totalling more than 7,500 documents. Extra report spills containing "more insider facts" and "more truth" have been guaranteed, at a cost. 

The main clump of the alleged 18,000 reports was made accessible by the programmers at the end of the week, alongside an unscrambling key for 'layer 1' of the landfill. The reports are accepted to have been stolen from insurance agencies, law offices and government offices, and the programmers initially requested an unspecified bitcoin payoff to keep them unreleased. 

After obviously neglecting to anchor the payoff, the gathering at that point took bitcoin gifts from the general population, discharging 'layer 1' in the wake of gathering $12,000 – yet then additionally discharging 'layer 2' on Wednesday in spite of not meeting its subsidizing target. 

Up until this point, no 'indisputable evidence' has developed enumerating trick or government inclusion in the psychological militant assaults. 

Rather, the reports develop an image of protection litigators conceptualizing to see who they could sue for harms in the wake of the assaults. In messages, the attorneys examine focusing on the aircrafts, plane makers, the Federal Aviation Authority, the fear mongers themselves, and remote substances. 


Talking methodology, the legal counselors reflect on making a move against Boeing for not fitting the 757 and 767 air ship utilized in the assaults with programmed transponders, which could have alarmed specialists sooner that something was not right, a case that the legal counselors concede in the records was wobbly. The legal counselors additionally examine dropping a body of evidence against the FAA, because of a paranoid fear of bothering the administration. 

En route, the litigators talk about whether then-President George W. Shrub had advance learning of the assaults, or whether the Saudi Royal family was mindful, yet this discourse is theoretical and no cursing new data is uncovered. 

While the encryption key for the primary group of records has been cleaned from Reddit, Pastebin and Twitter, it stayed accessible for a few days on Steemit. Dim Overlord's record was restricted from the stage on Wednesday, be that as it may, however the archives can be gotten to on Busy.org, a site that keeps running on the equivalent blockchain as Steemit. 

The programmer amass has guaranteed three additional layers of reports to come, if its cost is met. The most recent break was went with the message: "Keep on keeping the bitcoins streaming, and we'll keep on keeping reality streaming." The programmers are requesting $2 million in bitcoin for the general population arrival of its "megaleak," which it has named "the 9/11 Papers." 

Rising in 2016, Dark Overlord has been in charge of various hacking and coercion plans. The gathering scandalously released a whole period of Netflix's Orange is the New Black a year ago when its payoff was not met. At the point when not spilling government and corporate archives, the gathering brings home the bacon moving charge card data and therapeutic records. 

The gathering may experience serious difficulties paying its individuals if the most recent payment requests are not met, be that as it may. Cyberscoop gave an account of Tuesday that the gathering was posting enlistment promotions on dull web discussions in November, hoping to employ four gifted cybercriminals. 

New representatives were apparently guaranteed 50,000 pounds ($63,500) month to month, knock up to 70,000 pounds ($89,000) following two years' administration.