Man with Down’s Syndrome gets his dream job as a scaffolder

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A man with Down’s Syndrome is living his dream after a building firm took him on as an apprentice scaffolder.

Todd Scanlon, 29, has been utilized on a lasting, low maintenance premise by Coles Scaffolding Contractors Ltd, working for them two entire days seven days. 

Todd had 'asked' platform organization proprietor Martyn Coles, 35, for an occupation throughout the previous two years, and his ingenuity satisfied. 

Todd Scanlon has been given a job as an apprentice scaffolder by Coles Scaffolding (Picture: SWNS)

Todd had ‘begged’ scaffold company owner Martyn Coles, 35, for a job for the last two years (Picture: SWNS)

He adores his activity, completing each undertaking he is requested to do with center and a grin, and splitting jokes with his associates. 

Todd stated: 'I like every last bit of it with the exception of the statures. I like being at the base of the framework best. It tends to be somewhat startling going up high, since it very well may be insecure. 

'I like helping Colesy, my manager. I needed to be a scaffolder in light of the fact that I jump at the chance to encourage individuals. I convey every one of the tubes [poles] – the 10-foot, the 16-foot, up to the 20-foot ones.' 

Todd joins the other five individuals from the group on Mondays and Wednesdays. 


Martyn, who has run the platform organization, situated in Swindon, Wiltshire, throughout the previous five years, said that Todd's incapacity does not keep him down. 

Martyn, who has run the scaffolding company, based in Swindon, Wiltshire, for the last five years, has said Todd’s disability is not holding him back (Picture: SWNS)

Todd loves his job, carrying out every task he is asked to do with focus and a smile, and cracking jokes with his colleagues (Picture: SWNS)

He is kitted up the equivalent as every other person, collecting the framework and ensure it is sheltered and level. 

Martyn says the organization has now received the motto 'No Stigma', to demonstrate that Todd's handicap ought not keep him away from having indistinguishable open door from others. 

He stated: 'We simply need to demonstrate that he can do it. Everybody is qualified for work. 

'It doesn't make a difference on the off chance that you have a handicap, or you originate from a broken home, or whatever. I'm more than willing to give everybody a shot. 

'On the off chance that you know him, you'll realize that he cherishes what he does. Anything you request that he do, he'll do it. 

'Todd does all indistinguishable undertakings from us. He'll prepare the instruments to be stacked onto the van, and he'll bring every one of the fittings out from the van at each site. 

'He completes a considerable measure. Up until this point, there hasn't been any cutoff points to what he can help with – and I don't think there will be any.' 

Martyn, who is a dear companion of Todd's family and goes on vacation with them consistently, included: 'He's been beseeching me for an occupation for a long, long time. 

'Around three months back we began taking him on for a couple of movements all over, just to perceive how he got on with it. 

'What's more, as of October 1, we've now taken him onto our books two days seven days. 

'He'll do whatever we ask of him and he gets on extremely well with alternate folks – and he'll additionally have a move when we put the radio on out of sight while we work!' 

Martyn included that he is presently working with the Construction Industry Training Board (CIBT), who arrange all his organization's apprenticeships, to prepare Todd up legitimately, and get him his Level 2 NVQ framework capability. 


Todd has even been assigned for the Swindon Advertiser's Wiltshire Community Pride Awards, and has been shortlisted as a finalist, with the function occurring on October 26.