Man dies within 50 hours of undergoing hair transplant

  • 2 years   ago
Man dies within 50 hours of undergoing hair transplant

A 43-year-old businessperson from Mumbai, India, passed on two days in the wake of experiencing hair transplant. The man was hurried to Hiranandani Hospital in Powai, Maharashtra, with breathing trouble and swelling all over and throat. He passed on Saturday, 50 hours of experiencing the system. 

As indicated by TOI report cited by Times Now, Shrawan Kumar Chaudhary, was embedded with 9,500 hair unites in a strategy that kept going more than 15 hours. As per specialists, Chaudhary endured an anaphylactic stun which is a serious dangerous response, including painkillers or medicates and couldn't be resuscitated. 


Despite the fact that hair transplant is viewed as normal, it is probably going to cause inconveniences, including draining and disease. It is a kind of medical procedure in which a plastic or dermatological specialist inserts existing hair to fill a region with no or dainty hair. Hair transplant can cause symptoms which are said to die down inside weeks however in specific cases reactions can progress toward becoming dangerous. 

As per reports, patients who experience the methodology, are probably going to create swelling of the scalp, wounding around the eyes, tingling, torment, deadness or absence of sensation on the treated zones of the scalp, stun misfortune, aggravation or disease of the hair follicles, additionally called folliculitis. 

Chaudhary's demise has brought up issues on the wellbeing of hair transplant and a request has been started.