Man arrested for selling his daughter for body parts in ritual killing

  • 1 year ago
Man arrested for selling his daughter for body parts in ritual killing

A Tanzanian man has been captured for offering his six-year-old girl to be killed with the goal that her body parts could be utilized in a mixture to make him rich, police said Saturday. 

A police proclamation said that the youngster, Rose Japhet, was murdered a week ago and her body found in the southwestern area of Mbeya, in a district has been hit by a spate of ceremonial killings of kids. 

"The body was discovered beheaded and with the correct foot cut off," said the announcement, including the foot was discovered covered close-by. 

"The thought process of this homicide was financial. The dad of the perished took his girl to a representative for five million shillings ($2,000) for her to be murdered and her correct foot severed." 

The specialist, who was additionally captured, was intended to "give the foot to a healer with the goal that he would make an item which would make him (the dad) prosperous", said the announcement. 


The specialist conceded his association and police are as yet chasing for the healer. 

Mbeya is close to the area of Njombe, where in any event 10 youngsters matured somewhere in the range of two and 10 years of age were discovered dead in January in what neighborhood media revealed were ceremonial killings. 

The United Nations censured the killings at the time. 

Such killings are not bizarre in Tanzania, where pale skinned people are frequently hijacked and their body parts hacked off for use as charms and otherworldly mixtures in the conviction that they bring riches and good karma.