India added nearly 200,000 cases in 12 days

  • 1 month ago
India added nearly 200,000 cases in 12 days
Infections are continuing to rise at an alarming rate in India. The country has confirmed 585,492 cases, including 17,400 deaths, according to the health ministry.
The situation has prompted a worried federal government to urge states to ramp up antigen testing, reported local media.
India went into lockdown in March, when cases were still in the hundreds and eased out of lockdown in early June, when infections had started to gallop. For example, last month was the worst in the outbreak so far - around 70% of infections were added in June.
Experts had earlier warned that the monsoon season - between July and September - would bring the peak, but it seems like this might already be under way. The rising numbers have prompted some states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand to go back into lockdown while a few other states like Telangana continue to mull it over.

Source: BBC