Honest Expat Cafe Worker Returns QR 76,500

  • 2 years   ago
Honest Expat Cafe Worker Returns QR 76,500

A youthful Egyptian laborer at a bistro for a situation of genuineness is said to have restored the envelope containing KD 6,400 to a notable female client, reports Al-Rai daily. 

The Egyptian specialist Hani Samir told the day by day: "On the night of the earlier day, at 10:30 pm amid my typical work getting the tables that are generally put outside the cafeteria, I found a white envelope on one of the seats. I was astonished that it contained a substantial entirety of cash. I recollect the client who was staying there who luckily ended up being a notable identity and reached her. She disclosed to me that the envelope contains 6,400 dinars and it was given over to her." He went to state, the lady expressed gratitude toward him for his genuineness and attempted to compensate him however he won't, saying I am straightforward and need to work with all trustworthiness. 


Be that as it may, when the lady demanded, he acknowledged KD 50 and offered it to another specialist, who he stated, was in desperate need of cash. Hani included, he has been working at the bistro for as far back as five years and numerous multiple times he finds numerous significant things of clients and that he generally returns them to the proprietor.