Homeless to Be Moved from Streets to 5-Star Hotels For Covid-19 Protection

  • 11 months   ago
The starting price for accommodation at Perth's Pan Pacific hotel is $170 a night at the Deluxe Room.

Homeless to be moved from the streets and into rooms at a $260-a-night five-star hotel to protect them from coronavirus





  • Homeless people could be moved from the streets and into hotels in Perth 
  • The West Australian Government hope to stop the spread of coronavirus
  • Rough sleepers would be accommodated at Perth's Pan Pacific hotel for a month

Homeless people could be moved from the streets and into five-star hotels in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The West Australian Government is planning to accommodate homeless people at the Pan Pacific hotel in Perth for the 'Hotels with Heart' pilot.

There will be 20 rough sleepers used in the one-month trial, who are unable to self-isolate during the COVID-19 threat.  

The starting price for accommodation at Perth's Pan Pacific hotel is $170 a night at the Deluxe Room, with the most expensive rooms costing $260 a night. 

The program could be expanded to accommodate victims of domestic violence and those suffering from mental health issues if successful. It would then use 120 rooms at the hotel.  

The development of the trial came after a task force was set up last week to address homelessness during the pandemic.

Community Services Minister Simone McGurk said the state government recognises there are a number of groups who are more vulnerable to COVID-19.

'The Hotels with Heart pilot learns from similar initiatives happening interstate and around the world, including in the United Kingdom, America and Canada,' she said.

'It demonstrates what can be achieved when there is collaboration across the private, community service and government sectors.'

Ms McGurk thanked Pan Pacific Perth for 'stepping forward' during the health crisis.   

'With the help of community service organisations, this initiative will take the pressure off the health system in Western Australia and potentially help to flatten the curve as the State fights to stop the spread of COVID-19,' she said. 

'The Hotels with Heart pilot also aims to sustain our hotel sector for when the COVID‑19 threat is eliminated.'  

There are 355 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Western Australia.

On Monday, the state government said they will expand coronavirus testing to any members of the community with a fever and acute respiratory illness. 

About 84 per cent of WA's confirmed 355 coronavirus cases have been linked to overseas travel or cruise ships, Health Minister Roger Cook said. 

'We've seen a continuing drop of new cases,' Dr Robertson said.

'That is part of the reason that we will look at expanded testing, just to ensure that we are picking up cases that might be in the community.

'We don't necessarily believe that's the case but we obviously want to make sure.'

A total of 41 West Australians have now fully recovered from the coronavirus.

There are 4,459 coronavirus cases across Australia and 19 people have died. 

Source: Daily Mail