Health fee increase for expats in This Gulf Country

  • 2 years   ago
Health fee increase for expats in This Gulf Country

Minister of Health Sheikh Dr Bassel Al-Sabah has issued a ministerial decision to increase the consultation cost for patients visiting the casualty units of public hospitals from KD 5 (about $16.5) to KD 10 (about $33).

In a press statement, the ministry explained that such a decision was issued with the aim of reducing the pressure and congestion experienced in the casualty units at public hospitals, and ensuring patients first visit the clinics in their areas of residence and obtain necessary services there before they resort to hospitals.

Meanwhile, the minister has decided to form a committee to prepare a national strategy for the health of teenagers. This committee will be headed by assistant undersecretary for Planning and Quality Assurance.


Members of the committee will include director of School Health Department, director of Social Health Department, director of Primary Healthcare Department, director of Kuwait Center for Mental Health, and director of National Center for Health Information. Director of Pediatric Departments Board will be the rapporteur.

The committee will also include members from outside Ministry of Health such as Ministry of Education, Ministry of Information, State Ministry for Youth Affairs, Faculty of Medicine, UNESCO, and public welfare societies.