Formia designs ‘clean kit’ for Qatar Airways

  • 1 month ago
Formia designs ‘clean kit’ for Qatar Airways
Travel amenities company, Formia, has designed a Clean Kit range for Qatar Airways as part of the airline’s enhanced Covid safety measures. All passengers travelling with Qatar Airways will receive a kit containing personal protective equipment (PPE) including a disposable face mask, large disposable powder-free gloves, and an alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel.
Qatar Airways has named its bespoke kit the ‘Protective Kit’, and other airlines can tailor the Formia kit to meet their individual brand and passenger requirements, including own-branded products or collaborations with a choice of brands offered through Formia’s portfolio of partners.
Philipp Wendschuh, chief commercial officer at Formia said, “As we watch the world continue its recovery efforts, we at Formia are endeavouring to spearhead the road to change within the travel industry. We understand that the needs of airline passengers have changed, and so our focus is to deliver relevant and timely solutions that will answer those needs.”