Doctors make shocking discovery after woman complains of stomach pain

  • 3 months   ago
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"The stomach of the woman had become rock hard."

Specialists in Ahmedabad, India, were startled to discover many metal items, including armlets, rings and clasps held up in a lady's stomach. The lady had whined of extreme stomach torment and tests uncovered she had been devouring metal protests over a significant lot of time. 

"The stomach of the lady had moved toward becoming rock hard. When we led the X-beam, it demonstrated an irregularity in her stomach," cited Dr Nitin Parmar, senior specialist at the Ahmedabad Civil clinic, as saying. 


The lady, referred to just as Sangita, was discovered meandering on roads and is said to experience the ill effects of 'acuphagia', an uncommon issue of expending sharp metallic and inedible items. One of the things she had expended was a 'mangalsutra', a conventional neckband worn by hitched Hindu ladies in India. 

Specialists uncovered the security pins devoured by the lady had in part punctured her lungs while another pointed stick had punctured her stomach dividers which required a crisis medical procedure to separate the items. 


Albeit every one of the items were expelled from her stomach through a medical procedure, the lady will be kept in perception to guarantee that she doesn't devour any longer metal articles.