Couple's maternity photoshoot has a hilarious twist

  • 1 week ago
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Maternity photoshoots aren’t usually known for their originality.

There's a really basic equation: pregnant lady presents in a wonderful area stroking her child knock, with their pleased accomplice next to them. Simple. 

Todd and Nicole Cameron took an alternate course, and wound up making a maternity photoshoot with a truly clever curve. 

The couple, who have been as one for about five years, presented in a pumpkin fix, Nicole wearing a transparent pink outfit while Todd gladly held a pumpkin. 

Up until now, so ordinary. Be that as it may, as you navigate the photos… Actually, we'll let you see with yourselves own eyes. Try not to avoid ahead: 


Just your average maternity photoshoot

(Picture: Li Carter)

(Picture: Li Carter)

But wait. What’s happening?

(Picture: Li Carter)

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