Coronavirus: First Experimental Vaccine Is Ready For Human Testing

  • 1 month ago
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Coronavirus: First Experimental Vaccine Is Ready For Human Testing

A US-based biotech firm Moderna Inc.has been actively working on an experimental coronavirus vaccine and has shipped it to the American government researchers just six weeks after it began working towards combatting the deadly virus. The firm has stated that they have sent the first batch of the vaccine to the U.S. government researchers for testing purposes and further study. This will help them launch the first human tests to analyze if the vaccine may help immunize the epidemic originating in China.

As reported by an international media channel, the therapeutics and vaccines company produced the vaccine at their facilities in Massachusettes before sending the vials of the medicine, named mRNA-1273, to begin the Phase 1 clinical trial with 20 to 25 healthy individuals by the end of April to assess the vaccine's safety and efficacy against the infection. This will mark a period of three months between vaccine design and human testing. The report also revealed that the first results will be out by the month of July as per the current timeline.
The report also stated that the vaccine will require two doses and that it is considered safe for use. It further added that it’s expected that twin doses will help protect an adult against the deadly infection.
The Phase 1 of the clinical trial is set to start off in April. However, the process of testing and approvals for the distribution process may reportedly last at least a year. It should also be noted that if the clinical trial proves to be a successful one, there will still be a need for further testing and other regulatory approvals before it is deployed on a wider scale.