Businessman dies while test-driving Range Rover

  • 2 years   ago
Businessman dies while test-driving Range Rover

A 31-year-old businessperson was killed in a street mishap when he was test driving a Range Rover in Bengaluru. The travelers in the vehicle - his significant other, child, companion and the demo vehicle driver - continued wounds. 

The occurrence occurred at 3 pm on Tuesday, March 26. Sagar J Rao, an inside architect, was test driving the Range Rover on NICE Road close PES College Toll Plaza in Hosakerehalli. 

The police revealed to The Times of India that Sagar was driving the demo vehicle at an extremely fast while moving toward the toll square. He at that point lost control of the vehicle and veered left where the vehicle hit a concrete square and ricocheted to the street railings. Because of the effect, the vehicle hopped over the railings and flipped commonly before arriving into a profound jettison. 


The tenants of the vehicle were hurried to the emergency clinic where Sagar capitulated to his wounds. His significant other, Sandhya, 27, endured a spine crack while their child Samartha, six, and companion Gautham continued minor wounds. The demo vehicle driver was treated for his wounds at a private clinic. 

The police speculate that Sagar was driving the vehicle, yet are holding on to record the announcement of different inhabitants. A cop said that they are all in a condition of stun and their announcement will be recorded on Wednesday. 

Sagar was wanting to purchase a Range Rover and Roopena Agrahara, a vehicle showroom, had organized a test drive. 

Tragically, another street mishap happened in Bengaluru the evening of March 4, Monday, when a group of five were killed when their SUV crashed into a KSRTC transport coming the other way. The mishap occurred on Bengaluru-Hassan street close Nelamangala town, reports TOI. 

The vehicle in which the five exploited people were going in hit a street divider and proceeded to slam into the transport which was going the other way.