Born without arms, Arizona woman first licensed pilot to fly with her feet

  • 1 year ago
Born without arms, Arizona woman first licensed pilot to fly with her feet

A lady from Arizona has challenged all chances to turn into the main authorized pilot in the US to fly a plane without arms. The 36-year-old Jessica Cox, who experienced an uncommon condition and was conceived without arms, has figured out how to fly utilizing her feet. Nonetheless, flying is only one of her numerous achievements. 

From playing the piano, driving a vehicle, being a confirmed scuba jumper and even a third-degree dark belt in taekwondo, Cox expects to rouse diversely abled individuals and has made a trip to in excess of 20 nations as a powerful orator, CNN revealed. 

"I regularly consider on the off chance that I could return and transform me so I was brought into the world with arms — above all else, my life would be totally unique, and something that I see is so ground-breaking is on the grounds that I carry on with my life the manner in which I do, it has this gigantic effect on other individuals. I've had good examples and pioneers. What's more, since I've had that, presently it's my obligation to be the equivalent for the people to come," she told the news site. 


In spite of the fact that Cox was at first terrified of flying, she soon defeated her dread and concentrated on getting her permit. In the wake of finishing her graduation from the University of Arizona in 2005, she started her preparation to turn into a pilot. "I had various flight teachers and supporters of my preparation to make sense of this," Cox told the media house. "Along these lines, it was a three-year procedure to make sense of through experimentation what might work." 

While many questioned her, Cox was confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly a light game airplane Ercoupe in 2008.