Baby Falls From Second Floor, Caught By Teenager In Hair-Raising Video

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Baby Falls From Second Floor, Caught By Teenager In Hair-Raising Video

Chilling CCTV footage has caught the minute a two-year-old young lady tumbled from her second floor family condo and was gotten by an adolescent remaining beneath. As indicated by ABC News, Doha Muhammed was gotten by 17-year-old Feuzi Zabaat, who saw that she was going to tumble down from the window of her home. The episode happened in the Fatih area of Istanbul, Turkey last Thursday. 

Mr Zabaat immediately situated himself on the asphalt to get the little child before she could hit the asphalt, averting a specific disaster. His common sense guaranteed that the 2-year-old endure the fall with no wounds, and he has since been hailed a saint via web-based networking media, where the CCTV film has been generally shared. 


Watch the hair-raising video beneath: 

Mr Zabaat, an Algerian outsider who works in a workshop on a similar road where the mishap happened, says that he did what he needed to do to spare the young lady. 

As indicated by Daily Sabah, Doha tumbled from the second story window after she moved toward it while her mom was occupied with cooking. In spite of the fact that safe, the occurrence left her shaken. In the video, local people were seen attempting to comfort her after the fall. 

Her family, then, has compensated her rescuer with an endowment of 200 Turkish Liras to demonstrate their appreciation.