Alert issued in Kerala after 6-year-old boy dies of West Nile fever

  • 2 years   ago
Alert issued in Kerala after 6-year-old boy dies of West Nile fever

A six-year-old kid, who was experiencing treatment for vector-borne West Nile fever, passed on at an emergency clinic in Kerala's Kozhikode on Monday. 

Declaring the passing, Kerala Health Minister KK Shylaja said there was no compelling reason to frenzy and steps were being taken to keep the spread of infection, which is transmitted to people through a mosquito nibble and is for the most part revealed in North America. 

The kid, hailing from neighboring Malappuram area, was admitted to the emergency unit the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital seven days prior after he tried positive for the infection. 

Ms Shylaja said she had solicited the Director from Health administrations to promptly heighten ventures to keep the spread of the infection. 


"There is no compelling reason to freeze and stringent advances are being taken to keep its spread", she told correspondents. 

After the infection was accounted for in Malappuram, an extraordinary therapeutic group had been deputed the territory, she included. 

The association wellbeing service had a week ago said that it had sent a four-part multi-disciplinary focal group from National Center for Disease Control to the state and was intently observing the circumstance. 

Association Health Minister JP Nadda has coordinated that all help be reached out to Kerala for aversion and the executives of the infection, it had said including there were no reports so far about the spread of the infection in different pieces of the nation. 

Side effects of the infection curse incorporate cold, fever, weakness and sickness. 

There had been an instance of West Nile fever a year ago in Kozhikode, which was affirmed by the Manipal Center for Virus Research (MCVR), be that as it may, the National Institute of Virology had not yet affirmed it, official sources said. 

Malappuram region gatherer held a gathering with wellbeing authorities at the beginning of today, they said.