Airport worker filmed sleeping on baggage truck on runway

  • 1 year ago
Airport worker filmed sleeping on baggage truck on runway

A baggage truck driver at Canada airplane terminal was recorded dozing behind the wheels while on obligation on a bustling runway. 

Film caught by a plane traveler on Tuesday, demonstrates the air terminal specialist sleeping at the Toronto Pearson International Airport while his partner is working alongside him. 

The video cut likewise catches a few planes maneuvering on the landing area however the laborer keeps dozing. 

As per, the airplane terminal specialist is probably going to arrive in a bad position for abusing security rules and not following wellbeing the board framework (SMS), a worldwide wellbeing standard to advance the significance of wellbeing in various workplaces. 


The Civil Aviation Authority, which runs the SMS, expressed, "Carefulness is vital for each one of those working air-side to know about the potential dangers related with the development of ground vehicles and ground administration gear." 

Be that as it may, in the midst of all the confusion via web-based networking media after the airplane terminal specialist's video became famous online, it is yet uncertain whether he has gotten any notice after the episode.