After Kerala Flood, A Sand Strip That Splits This Sea Into Two Halves Has Surfaced

  • 4 months   ago
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The residents of Ponnani in Kerala's Malappuram was in for a pleasant surprise after the water from the recent floods receded. A new island-like structure has surfaced along their beach. The narrow sand strip which is well over half a kilometre long has literally split the sea into two! 

The sand strip is presently pulling in numerous vacationers to the Ponnani Beach, who wander into the ocean, strolling the whole stretch. While voyagers keep on folk to get a look at it, specialists have cautioned that the sand strip could be washed away on account of a high tide. 



Despite the fact that it was not immediately clear what was behind the arrangement of the surprising structure, many trust that the sand which was cleared far from the Bharathapuzha and got saved in Ponnani may have caused the wonder.