618,365 nationals with valid residence despite ban from entering Kuwait

  • 2 weeks   ago
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Statistics released by the Residency Affairs General Department in the Interior Ministry uncovered that 618,365 people from seven nations, whose nationals are prohibited from entering Kuwait, have legitimate residency grants, reports Al-Anba daily. 

As per the report, these people incorporate 152,759 Syrians; 14,999 Iraqis; 38,034 Iranians; 12,972 Yemenis; 107,084 Pakistanis; 13,652 Afghans and 278,865 Bangladeshis. 

The statistics   likewise demonstrated that 19,920 of these people are working in the administration area; 331,144 in the private segment and 95,215 are residential laborers while 153,903 are on ward visa. 


In the mean time, a security source unveiled a major number of individuals from the previously mentioned seven nations have been acquiring legitimate residency grants for a considerable length of time.