21-year-old who posted about not social distancing gets coronavirus

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21-year-old who posted about not social distancing gets coronavirus

A 21-year-old Tennessee woman who bragged on social media about not taking the coronavirus outbreak seriously has been diagnosed with the deadly illness, according to a report.

Ireland Tate joked about not following instructions to stay home and practice social distancing amid the pandemic just days before she fell sick, news station WZTV reported.

“So, I’m aware that we’re supposed to be self-quarantining and social distancing all these things to keep everyone safe. Cool. I get it,” said Tate in a video she made for social media. “I just don’t think that I’m going to get the virus.”

She made that video days before she was actually diagnosed with the virus.

But just days later, Tate found herself suffering from symptoms associated with the dangerous bug and tested positive.


“It feels like someone is sitting on my chest at all times. It’s really hard to breathe. I’ve coughed until my throat has bled,” Tate said, describing her symptoms of COVID-19.

Now, Tate, who is quarantined at her parents’ home, is sending a desperate plea to young people her age who she says are laughing it off and not taking it seriously.

“While it may not be affecting you, you could be affecting someone’s grandma or grandpa or aunt or uncle or sister,” said Tate.

She says her outlook has changed because harming someone else isn’t a guilt she believes she can carry.

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