Photography Copyrights Are Now Secured With Reverse Image Search

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Photography Copyrights Are Now Secured With Reverse Image Search

It is not easy for professional photographers to click photos that make an impact. People give priority to quality photographs because they have better resolutions and appearances. It becomes a painful experience for photographers when they see their own pictures being uploaded on various third party websites, portals and other online platforms. All the hard work invested by these professionals goes to waste. This situation can obviously be controlled if you know whether your pictures are being used on other platforms or not. However, you can only protect the copyrights of the photographs when you know that the clicked pictures are being reused by someone. This is where the concept of reverse image search comes into play.

What is Search by Image?

Technology has advanced rapidly in the recent past and the process is continuing at an increased pace as well. By using search by image, you can check all the appearances of a particular image. How does that help?

  • When you see that an image for which you have a proper ownership has been reused on a website, you can take appropriate actions by exercising ownership rights. What if you do not use reverse image search? This is nothing but foolishness. If you have put in so much hard work to click an image and it is being uploaded on various free websites, you would not get any credit for it. Users would not even know that you have used all your creativity and hard work to come up with a quality image.

Reverse Image Search highlights image occurrences

There are some core regulations of using an image. If the image has copy rights, you cannot reuse it without the permission of the image owner. If the image is used without a proper permission, legal actions may be exercised by the image owner. How does a reverse image search tool help you in this area?

  • Consider that you have created an image and uploaded it on your website. If you have applied copy rights, the image should not be uploaded on any other website. If the image has been used by any other websites, it simply means that the regulations have been violated. Before you reach the conclusion that an image you own has been reused, you need to check the occurrences it has. For instance, if the image is appearing on your website only, it simply means that no one has reused the image. On the other hand, if you see the image appearing on other websites, it is infringement or violation of copy rights.

  • With the reverse image search option, all the appearances of an image can be identified. If the image has been uploaded on five websites, the list of all the websites would be shown to you. In this way, you would know about the websites that have violated the image copyright regulations.

Simple process for Reverse Photo Lookup

Using the reverse photo lookup option is not a hard task by any means. If you are using an Android Phone, you would need to use the Google Chrome browser. Here are the steps which you need to follow to determine the appearances of a particular image.

  • To search for the required image, search for the image using Google Images. Once you find out the image you are looking for, you can proceed to the next step.

  • When you open the particular image, click on it and keep your thumb pressed until the option “search for Google” appears. When this option is clicked, all the occurrences of the image would be shown to you. If you see that an image which belongs to you appears on multiple websites, it means that it is a violation of image copy rights.

Benefits of Reverse image search 

It is a simple fact that when you are putting in hours of hard work to click an image, edit it and bring it into shape, you should be given due credit for it. If the clicked image has been uploaded on several other websites, it simply means that you would not be given due credit for it. This is simply because, users would download the image from any website on which it appears.

  • A key benefit of the google reverse image search is that you get to know about the misuse of your image. Most image owners do not keep a track of whether their images are being reused or not. In this way, they lose all the credit they deserve. By using reverse image search, you can check all the occurrences of an image. Even if your image has been uploaded or misused by someone, you would know about it.

  • From the perspective of an end user as well, the reverse image search option is very helpful. Consider that you are searching for an image and you find what you are looking for. The problem is that the resolution is not up to the mark or the colour pixels are distorted. This happens when the image is not being downloaded from the actual source. Thus, as an end user, make sure that you are downloading the image from the original source. In this way, due credit would be given to the actual owner and his hard work would not go to waste.


If you are a professional photographer, make sure that the copy rights of your image are protected in a proper manner. With so many technological advancements, this is not a tough task. Through reverse image search, you can check the occurrences of an image. If you have clicked an image and it has been used on other websites, you would know about it so that it can be stopped. This is done by using reverse image search. Using this option, you can check all online platforms on which an image has been uploaded. If you are an image owner, this option would suit you immensely. You would not have to be scared about your images being misused or reused by anyone.