Toddler's tumour to be surgically removed

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A rare disease has left 11-month-old girl Chingrung Mro with a tumour covering half of her face. Her family, from Kanchi in Bangladesh, were unable to afford treatment but a social media campaign has changed her life. (Picture Via Dailymail)

ChingrungMro, an 11 month old girl is an unfortunate victim of a rare tumour, ganglioglioma cyst, covering half of the toddler’s face. The tumour has been growing gradually since her birth and could even lead to her death if it isn’t neutralised soon.

The family on their own cannot afford to bear the expenses involved in the treatment of this rare disease. But a Good Samaritan in the form of Fabian Gomez, a social worker has lifted the hopes of the family.

Gomez launched a social media campaign that may just succeed in saving the toddler’s life. Gomez campaigned on Facebook as well as other social media platforms requesting people to help the save the toddler’s life in whatever ways they could.

Picture Via Dailymail

Fortunately, Bangladeshi Minister ObaidulQuader’s eye caught the attention of the campaign after which Mr. Quader arranged Chingrung’s treatment at the Dhaka Medical College. 


A team of specialist surgeons has been assembled at the Dhaka Medical College, the teams includes a neurosurgeon, a paediatric surgeon and a plastic surgeon. The team expects to perform a surgical intervention procedure soon and hope to reduce the size of the tumour to begin with. 

We hope to remove the tumour entirely and then reconstruct the facial structure with plastic surgery, Samanta Lal Sen, the team’s plastic surgeon said.

Expressing his gratitude and gratefulness, Chingrung’s father SingraoMro, said, “I hope the treatment is successful and I thank everyone that came forward to help her”. 

Picture Via Dailymail

Picture Via Dailymail