This Mother Decided to Inject Fluid Inside Her Baby's Nose! The Reason Behind It Will Shock You!

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  • A mother drew the attention of netizens because of THIS!
  • She was inserting fluid into her baby's nose.
  • Why? Watch the video below to find out!

Mothers are supposed to take care of their babies but this particular mother has been grabbing attention because of what she injected inside her baby’s nose. In the viral footage that was uploaded on Facebook fan page ‘Lady9 News,’ this mother was seen injecting fluid inside her baby’s nose.

What was happening? The video doesn’t have any captions or a description to clearly explain what was happening.


The mother begins by showing a long, syringe-like instrument in front of the camera. The instrument contained colorless fluid. As soon as the baby sees it, she claps her hands together happily. Suddenly, the mother holds her baby’s chin and supports it. Then, she inserts the syringe-like instrument into her daughter’s nostrils, squirting fluid inside it!

Unsurprisingly, colorless liquid comes out of the baby’s nose. The mother seems surprised, but only briefly. She repeats the procedure as she inserts the syringe into the baby’s nostrils once again.

A deeper look into the video shows the mother actually squirting out mucus (or at least, what appeared like it) from her daughter’s nose. The baby was probably suffering from a cold and needed relief. Apparently, the fluid inside the syringe-like instrument was used to cure the baby of her colds. It was not known how it can effectively cure the baby, as the video did not release any further information.

The method was highly unusual – hence the attention that the mother was getting. The video has already garnered a total of 4.9 million views as of this writing. It has also been liked 6.5 thousand times by netizens.

Some netizens seem to know a bit about this unusual procedure. Here are their comments, translated into English:

“Seen lots of videos on this method once you know what you’re doing and you have a willing patient like this cutie then it’s safe but remember not all kids like water flushed up their nostrils they might not be so willing.”

“Yes it is super recommended, they are nasal washes. The first time my daughter did a nurse impressed me a bit but it is the best thing that can be done to prevent it from accumulating phlegm.” 

“What a foolish way. Pressure fluids can cause ear infections. Minh received the money before making the child” 

What were they talking about? Watch the video below for your reference: