From 280kg to 90kg in 18 months, he is full of hope to achieve it

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110 was the BMI of Marwan while he went to NMC Abu Dhabi


From being 280kg to now targeting to be 90kg in just 12 to 18 months, 33-year-old Emirati Marwan is excited about his new life. When Marwan went to seek medical help at NMC Abu Dhabi, he was slipping into serious depression. He was super morbidly obese as his weight exceeded 270kg with BMI of 110.

Explaining the case, Dr Ayman Mohammed Shaker Ibrahim Solimon, head of the department and consultant, general and laparoscopic surgery at NMC Abu Dhabi, told Khaleej Times:

"Marwan has not been able to step out his home for five years due to his obesity. He had lost all hope, yet visited us after learning that some patients in a similar condition underwent bariatric surgery and their conditions have improved."

Marwan, who has a family history of obesity, was also a heavy smoker. He was barely able to stand up, because of which he was experiencing bouts of depression. Hearing and getting inspired after learning about some cases similar to his own, Marwan decided to go under the knife for a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and is a new man now.

Speaking of his condition, Marwan said: "My problem started since I reached adulthood and it continued to aggravate due to bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. I felt handicapped as I was not able to go out to work, travel and see the world, meet new friends, get married, and to feel the sense of independence in doing even personal things such as going to the bathroom. All in all, I felt I am missing out on my life."

Dr Ayman said that apart from depression, his weight led to various health issues such as swollen legs, cellulitis and lymphedema, hyperlipedemia. Apart from having a family history of obesity, Dr Ayman blamed his poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle for the condition.

Surgical procedures

"We conducted laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy with sleeve ilial bypass (SASI Operation) on the patient. This procedure will help the patient in losing weight in a way that he can eat less without sacrificing much and with minimal effect to his nutritional status. The operation will greatly help the patient in weight reduction by minimising the amount of food intake with mal-absorption of high caloric food taking into consideration his general condition and health status," Dr Ayman added.

The hospital has also come up with a complete diet programme that Marwan has to follow for six to nine months until he touches the normal weight level.

"This procedure will not only help Marwan in weight reduction, but he will also gain back his confidence, positivity and better life outlook. He will be able to go out of his home to experience the best that life has to offer to him. He will have the opportunity to work, establish relationships and get married, meet new friends like what young people his age do," Dr Ayman said.

Giving out a positive message to everyone, Dr Ayman said: "Always have hope and that will change your life. Do not wait until you cannot go out and stand on your own to quit the poor eating habits and the sedentary lifestyle. Seek medical help and know your options. Trust your medical team as they will be your partner in this life changing step."

An excited Marwan said that after the operation, he is now gearing up to give hope to others who are suffering from obesity and wants to tell the people they can ask for help and there will always be someone willing to help them.