Forget 'Aussie Flu' as Health Bosses Warn Deadly 'French Flu' is on Way to UK

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Forget 'Aussie Flu' as Health Bosses Warn Deadly 'French Flu' is on Way to UK

The spread of the dangerous ' Aussie flu ' has been well-documented but the worst could be yet to come.

Health bosses are warning about a horrendous 'French flu ' epidemic could be heading across the Channel.

The killer virus, which has already claimed 30 lives, sparked warnings to NHS workers to get flu jabs.


The warnings emerged as the so-called French flu reached epidemic levels, the Coventry Telegraph reports.

It's estimated that there are 527 cases of French flu per 100,000 inhabitants in the country.

In the last three weeks of December, 704,000 people in France went to their GP.

Cases reported between Christmas and New Year affected people from the age of just three months to 93 years. Males accounted for 46% of these cases.

According to the Sunday Telegraph , NHS trusts are failing to get medical workers to have flu jabs amid the warnings that the French epidemic could spread to Britain.

The paper reports: “It comes amid a deepening NHS winter crisis, with 24 hospital trusts declaring ‘black alerts’ last week, as pressures threatened to overwhelm them, and thousands of patients stuck in ambulances outside hospitals as flu rates soar.”

It has been reported that around one quarter of NHS staff will contract flu during an average winter period.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that figures suggest around half will not show symptoms, which means they could remain in work and spread infections.

Warnings come after a study by Imperial College London which found every 10 per cent increase in NHS vaccination rates was linked with a 10 per cent fall in sickness absence.

Aussie flu has now spread to every area of the UK, with Dorchester and the City of London the last two places to report cases of people with "influenza like illness".

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