Floraine Nalugon, Snake Woman of The Philipines

  • 1 year ago
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Floraine Nalugon from the Philippines suffers from Lamellar ichthyosis which affects only one in 600,000 people. This causes the 17-year-old to develop a hard and snake-like skin.


"My parents once told me that I was conceived from fish, because that's what my skin looks like fish scales. Then people started calling me the snake woman. It hurts my feelings to hear them (people or strangers) making fun of me," Floraine said, as quoted by Daily Mail, Wednesday (9/20/2017).

Lamellar ichthyosis is a condition caused by a genetic disorder that affects the shedding of the skin, according to medical literature. Symptoms usually appear within the first few days of life, and patients tend to have scales that often appear brownish.

Now Floraine Nalugon’s family hopes doctors can alleviate her suffering after institution called Newslions offered to help her. Newslions is an international media agency based in India who has helped Shalini Yadav, an Indian girl suffering from similar skin diseases, to seek medical treatment.