'Fit-and-healthy' Banker, 47, Dies Alone in Coronavirus Isolation

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'Fit-and-healthy' banker, 47, dies alone in coronavirus isolation after opting to live apart from partner, 46, when he got a tickle in throat then refusing help because doctors were 'busy with other people'

  • Tim Galley separated from his partner Donna Cuthbert after he became unwell 
  • His illness began with a small tickle in his throat on Saturday and he self-isolated 
  • Mr Galley's body was taken away from his Wrexham flat my medics on Tuesday

A 'fit and healthy' banker from Wales has died at his home while in self-isolation with coronavirus symptoms - after refusing to call an ambulance because they would be 'too busy dealing with other people'.

Tim Galley, who is understood to have had no underlying health conditions, had to remain separated from his partner Donna Cuthbert after he became unwell last Sunday.

His illness began with a small tickle in his throat which he developed after going on a stag do on Saturday.

Britain has now seen more than 9,500 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 465 dead.  

Mr Galley, 47, decided not to go into work on Monday and started to develop a fever, heartbroken Ms Cuthbert, 46, told North Wales Live.


She had been unable to see him because he decided to remain on his own, but Ms Cuthbert said messages from him grew less frequent.

Tim Galley, from Wrexham, who died in self-isolation after developing coronavirus symptoms, pictured with his partner Donna Cuthbert

Mr Galley's body had to be taken away from his Wrexham flat by paramedics in protective clothing on Tuesday.

Ms Cuthbert said: 'Of course I was very worried about when he developed the fever, as I was worried about the coronavirus.

'But as he wanted to protect me I couldn't go and visit him,' she said.

The mother from Old Colwyn, north Wales, added: 'As he was getting steadily worse I asked him to phone for an ambulance but he kept on saying to me that he was fine, that he had no underlying health conditions and that they would be too busy dealing with other people.'

On Monday night she messaged her partner of four years, worrying that she wasn't going to see him for a couple of weeks because they would both have to self-isolate.


His reply was: 'Don't be silly, or course you will.'

Mr Galley's body had to be taken away from his Wrexham flat by paramedics in protective clothing on Tuesday

The coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll on the country - which is now on lockdown as more and more Britons are infected and, tragically, die with the virus.

Kayla Williams, 36, died of suspected Covid-19 at her apartment in Peckham.

Her life was cut short on Saturday, when paramedics came to her south London address.

Husband Fabian Willams told the Guardian his wife was suffering a cough, high fever and severe chest and stomach pains on Friday.

Documents say she was being treated as a suspected coronavirus case when she was told to stay at home.

Chloe Middleton, a 21-year-old woman with no pre-existing medical conditions, died from the coronavirus, her family has said.

She is thought to be the youngest victim in the UK to have no underlying medical conditions.

Her mother Diane Middleton posted a heartbreaking tribute to her daughter today on social media.

Writing on Facebook Mrs Middleton, who lives in Buckinghamshire said: 'To all the people out there that thinks it's just a virus please think again speaking from a personal experience this so called virus has taken the life of my 21 year old daughter.'


Just days ago it was announced that an 18-year-old man had also died from the virus.

Mr Galley, who worked at the M&S Bank, didn't return any of Ms Cuthbert's calls after that.

She added: 'On Tuesday morning I was panicking as Tim didn't return my calls. I asked his neighbour to check on him as they had a key. They found him in bed.

'Paramedics in protective clothing came, and I just can't bare the thought he was all alone.'

Ms Cuthbert, who runs a wedding business, added Mr Galley was 'adored by her children'.

'He just had such a massive heart and we had such a wonderful life together.

'We were supposed to be attending my daughter Danielle's wedding but that has also been cancelled because of the coronavirus.

'We went on so many holidays and had so many things planned. He was my future.'

She added: 'Tim gave me so much love happiness and amazing times.

'He was so very special to my daughter Danni, and my other children and was ''pops'' to Olivia and Ariyah and won't get to meet Ryan and Maxine's baby.'

Ms Cuthbert said she hoped people would take coronavirus advice from the government and health professionals seriously.

She said: 'Please, please will you all take the advice and stay indoors and follow the rules this virus is serious and taking our loved ones.

'I just want everyone to stay safe and stay home.

'Tim took all the precautions but still this virus got him, my heart is shattered into tiny pieces.'

Source: Daily Mail UK