Change of weather getting you down? Here's how you can cope

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Between the chill of early mornings and late evenings, and the sauna of afternoons, February is the month of coughs and colds. For people who already suffer from low immunity and compromised lung function, this is possibly the most difficult time of the year in terms of health. Here, then, are seven simple remedies.

1. Pineapple salad

Pineapple contains a compound similar to the drug bromelain, which is used in cough expectorants. This compound helps soften the thick phlegm inside the lungs and makes it easier to cough it out.

2. Hot water with ginger and honey

According to Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, ginger is naturally designed to open blocked channels. Honey is an excellent carrier, taking the goodness and invigoration of ginger to the deeper tissues.

3. Green tea 

Green tea is yang in nature, which means it stimulates digestive energy.

4. Natural laxatives

According to naturopathy and Chinese medicine, toxins are stored in the large intestine. So, one of the most effective ways to reduce asthma attacks is to use laxatives and also induce emesis (vomiting). Take a teaspoon of triphala powder in warm water every night in winters. For stubborn constipation, take a teaspoon of castor oil in warm water, but only if advised by a naturopath or Ayurvedic doctor.

5. Soups with garlic

Garlic has yang properties (heating and invigorating), so it opens up blocked channels for the elderly and children. However, it should not be given to toddlers.


6. Eucalyptus essential oil 

An age-old remedy for asthmatics and patients of chronic congestion, eucalyptus essential oil is safe for all age groups and also for expecting mothers.

7. Eat fresh

Processed foods like cheese, pasta, noodles and bread should be avoided altogether because they overload the system and allow toxins to accumulate