'My Quarantine In Six Words' Challenge: Here Are Some Funny Lines!

  • 10 months   ago

Comedian and television host Jimmy Fallon started a challenge to describe 'My Quarantine In Six Words' and foodies erupted with hilarious one-liners.





  • Comedian Jimmy Fallon began the challenge on Twitter
  • He asked Twitterati to describe their quarantine in six words
  • Foodies on Twitter shared hilarious responses

Being quarantined at home indefinitely is seemingly an easy task, but only people who are doing it can understand how much effort it actually takes. With the Coronavirus epidemic spreading all across, people are practicing self-isolation. Comedian and television host Jimmy Fallon took to Twitter to put a positive and humorous spin on things. He asked his followers to describe their quarantine in six words in the funniest way possible, using the hashtag #MyQuarantineInSixWords. Take a look at his tweet:



The tweet went viral on the microblogging website, garnering responses by the minute. Replies poured in from all across the globe, with users expressing their thoughts on this unique situation. Food is essential for survival, and also something that the Internet collectively obsesses over. Needless to say, Jimmy Fallon's tweet had a lot of responses from the foodies on Twitter too. Some of them said that they had finished their snacks within a record time and had to replenish their stock, while others said that they were actually enjoying their time in quarantine and eating non-stop.

Take a look at some of the hilarious responses from foodies all over:
What would you say in the challenge? Tell us your six words in the comments below! 

Source: NDTV Food