Police Play 'Baby Shark' to Thank People for Staying Off the Streets

  • 2 months   ago

Police in Andorra have performed the ‘Baby Shark’ dance on a street as thanks to locals for following social distancing rules and staying home during a coronavirus lockdown.

Footage of officers playing the popular children’s song loudly from their vehicle and dancing in the parish of Escaldes-Engordany has amused many on social media.

According to local news site RFM, the group of police also wanted to entertain children who are isolated with the families at home with the performance.

Andorra, a small country located between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains, reported 218 coronavirus cases in the country on Thursday. At least one person has died.

On 16 March, the Andorran government announced the closure of all shops except food stores and pharmacies, and cancelled all leisure, cultural and sports activities to curb the spread of the virus. Social distancing measures have also been enforced in the country.

The local authority in Escaldes-Engordany posted the video on its Twitter account and said: “Our officers always do a great job, with diligence, professionalism and also with joy.

“Between delivering meals to the people of the retirement home, the rounds and the attention to the people… a little music."

People living in apartment blocks in the area can be seen clapping along to the music as they watch police officers dancing from their balconies.




The performance by Andorran police have been praised by social media users around the globe for bringing a bit of fun into otherwise strange and uncertain times for the country and the world.


One person said:

“The Andorra cops lighten the mood. In times of darkness we need some light. Well done.”

Another said:

“I’m proud of it. In the toughest times the best of people come out.”

“Andorran police cheered citizens up in quarantine with a performance of Baby Shark. In difficult times, a little healthy humour helps a lot,” said another Twitter user.

Source: Independent UK