Ooredoo’s new Industrial Metering IoT solution to help firms optimise energy and water usage

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Ooredoo’s new Industrial Metering IoT solution to help firms optimise energy and water usage

Ooredoo, the region’s leading enabler of digital business innovation, has announced the new Industrial Metering solution, which enables organisations to capture the energy and water usage in their organisation and optimise the consumption, costs and safety.


Previously, Qatar’s organisations faced numerous challenges with their energy and water usage – they wanted to reduce their spending, but did not know which departments or sections were consuming the most water and energy. Hence, they could not pinpoint how to start saving on their consumption costs.
For example, organisations with rented facilities or storage space, which were charging their tenants for the energy and water consumption, had to take time-intensive and error-prone manual readings of their sub-metres in facilities in order to collect usage data and charge the related costs to their tenants.


Now, with Ooredoo Industrial Metering, Qatar’s organisations can automatically capture energy and water usage data, accessible from their central office. As a result, organisations can gain granular usage reports with breakdown by departments or building sections, and can understand consumption patterns. Hence, they can now optimise energy and water consumption and costs based on benchmarking and actionable information.
Organisations with rented space can automatically get updated readings from their sub-metres within facilities and easily generate cost reports to their tenants. They can even free up resources in avoiding manual readings, and can have more accurate and reliable data.


The captured real-time data can also be used to detect and alert critical events, such as water leakage, critical high consumption, or even power outages in sections. Organisations can therefore lower the risk of severe impacts and protect their related assets and goods.
Yusuf Abdulla al Kubaisi, chief operating officer, Ooredoo Qatar, said: “Our Industrial Metering solution continues to expand our growing Internet of Things portfolio. This new solution helps Qatar’s organisations to better manage their costs, and to improve efficiencies and safety, both for their own operations and for their tenants. Industrial Metering’s real-time analytics can allow organisations to transform and optimise their operations and to even enable new services to their clients.”


Ooredoo Industrial Metering is an end-to-end cloud-based solution to automatically capture energy and water usage in facilities, and includes all components covering hardware, mobile IoT connectivity, applications and services. The application, built on Ooredoo’s innovative IoT Platform, provides a graphical dashboard with real-time analytics, granular reporting with historical data for benchmarking and alerts on such critical events.


The platform is hosted in Ooredoo’s industry-leading Tier 3-certified Qatar Data Centre, so Qatar’s organisations can rest assured that their data is kept safe in-country under high security standards.


Source: Qatar Tribune