Al Shaqab to launch Inter-Nation Junior Camp

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Al Shaqab to launch Inter-Nation Junior Camp

The Equine Education Department (EED)of Al Shaqab, member of Qatar Foundation, is gearing itself up to host the Al Shaqab Inter-nation Junior Camp. The premier equestrian camp is targeting promising junior riders from Al Shaqab’s riding academy, the Qatar Equestrian Federation, Europe, and Asia. 

Slated to run from February 23-March 8, the camp will be conducted in two stages. It will offer participants an opportunity to refine their riding skills, while enjoying an enriching experience in a multicultural, motivating, and challenging environment. The program has been designed to include two high-profile qualifying competitions which will be held on the opening days of the upcoming, prestigious, international equestrian events to be held at Al Shaqab – the Longines Global Championship Tour (LGCT) 2019 and CHI AL SHAQAB 2019. Camp participants will also benefit from equestrian clinics conducted by leading athletes participating in LGCT 2019 and CHI AL SHAQAB 2019. 

The camp is the brainchild of Mohammed Sultan Al Suwaidi, Manager, Equine Education Department at Al Shaqab. A rider himself with several triumphs to his credit, Al Suwaidi said: “Al Shaqab is dedicated to providing the highest level of equestrian education programs and services. Participants of the Al Shaqab Inter-Nation Junior Camp will receive the best of our resources. The focus of this camp is not merely on improving the height a rider can clear. Besides regular lessons and training sessions, we have lined up several unique activities to help them acquire important leadership and communication skills. 

“Thanks to the cooperation of the Al Shaqab Commercial Department, some of the top riders from LGCT 2019 and CHI Al SHAQAB 2019 will provide a clinic for the participants. Similarly, the qualifying competitions of our camp will be held alongside these world-class events. These high-profile equestrian competitions offer our young riders an unparalleled opportunity to measure themselves against the best, and to increase their levels of confidence and self-esteem. While Al Shaqab’s programs provide the platform to foster and nurture the next generation of riders, they also enhance Qatar’s reputation as an outstanding sporting destination.”

While Al Shaqab, with its state-of the-art facilities, has earned itself a reputation as a premier venue where international equestrian competitions  can be held, steps have been taken by the center to foster community engagement. It is not surprising, therefore, that Al Shaqab’s popular EED has attracted youngsters interested in riding. As the demand for riding classes escalate in Qatar, further programs are being developed by Al Shaqab to facilitate the growing demand. 

Al Shaqab – A World Class Facility

Since its establishment in 1992, Al Shaqab’s vision was to build on Qatar’s Arabian 

horse heritage and be a leading global center for equine professionals, while providing an engaging experience for the community. Global leadership has not only meant preserving, improving, and promoting the Arabian horse breed, but also encouraging the community in this unique, traditional cultural sport. 

Today, Al Shaqab’s impressive facilities, which are distinctively designed in the shape of a horseshoe, cover 980, 000 square meters. With a state-of-the-art Main Arena comprising both an indoor and outdoor venue capable of holding over 5000 spectators Al Shaqab is part of Qatar’s growing reputation on the world stage that showcases its ability to host major international sports event at the highest level.

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