High Fade vs. Low Fade: How to Pick Your Hairstyle

  • 2 months   ago

The fade has become a common short haircut for men. Its versatility, low-maintenance and easy-to-style attributes have made it very popular. As the name suggests, the fade haircut tapers from bottom to top giving an appearance of a fade. The hair on the top is longer. The fade haircut often pairs with a side-parting top. A skin fade is a variation that cuts right down to the skin on the sides and back. The fade can be up or down, making it an ideal haircut for business and casual look.

Low Fade vs High Fade

A high fade reaches almost to the crown of the head leaving more exposed skin compared to a low fade, which reveals much less skin. There is no single definition of where a low fade ends and a high fade starts. There is even a medium fade haircut. Essentially, the distinction between a low fade vs a high fade is how short the sides look. If the hair on the sides is shaved or cut low to the crown it is considered a high fade. On the other hand, if the hair on the sides starts to cut-low near the ear, it is a low fade.

What type of face shape is it for?

The fade haircut looks great on make face shapes but it is ideal for round shaped faces that are characterized by a softer and less defined jawline. The fade haircut has short sides and a longer top. This creates an illusion of length for a round face. The fade haircut can make oblong face shapes longer, and you should avoid it. If you plan on getting a fade with an oblong face, try to stick to a low fade haircut.  Other face shapes such as squares and triangles can work with fade haircuts.

How to Style a Fade Haircut?

The styling of a fade haircut is going to be specific to the exact version of the haircut. 

The styling is also very similar for a low fade or a high fade because most of the styling needed is at the top of the head where the hair is longer. Here are a few steps on how to style a typical fade haircut:

• If you have skin fade or very short fade on the sides, you don’t need to do much styling.

• If the hair is slightly longer, you can use some wax or similar products to add a bit of texture to the hair on the sides. Also, you can use the product to push the hair together for a tighter fade.

• For short or medium length hair on the top, a side parting is ideal. Choose the side of the parting according to your taste.

• You can go for a regular comb-over or if you like a quiff version of the hairstyle, give the hair a backward comb to create a wave-like appearance.

• Use wax or a similar product to provide some volume and lock the hair in place.



With so many variations, a fade haircut is one the most versatile and trending styles for men. The popular low fade hairstyles include the blowout, crew cut, and sliced back. For the high fade, the quiff and skin fade are very popular. If styled correctly, it can flatter most face shapes. It can work for a business or a casual look. It can also work for men of any age.