All Out On 2. 9 Players Out On 0. You Must've Never Seen A Cricket Scorecard Like This Before

  • 12 months   ago
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Cricket has been a very unpredictable game always and we’ve seen the tables turning many times. A strong team getting all out on a very weak score and a weak team surprising everyone with strong total has not been a rare sight in cricket.


However, what happened recently was truly very shocking. The whole Nagaland Under 19 women team went all out in 17 overs and that too on the score of 2.

Yes, it is not a case of 1 person scoring 2 runs in the whole innings but a complete team getting all out on a total score of 2. And among these two runs 1 came from the wide ball.

It was a one day match between the under 19 women teams of Nagaland and Kerala. The women of Kerala kept their bowling extremely tight and Nagaland women were seen in a very weak form.

The only player who scored a run in the innings was the opener Maneka who faced total 18 balls and rest everyone returned the pavilion on ‘zero’.

Team Kerala got a target of 3 runs which they achieved in the 1st delivery itself. Nagaland’s opening bowler Deepika Kaintura threw a wide and then Kerala’s Ansu S Raju made the team win match by hitting a boundary.

Have a look at the score card. We are sure must’ve never seen a score card as weird as this.