Yellow Box Violations to Be Strictly Monitored with Surveillance Cameras

  • 11 months   ago
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Stopping at yellow boxes on intersections may prove costly for you soon. Traffic Directorate has begun monitoring the boxes using surveillance cameras, according to a statement from the Ministry of Interior. 



The yellow box violation will attract a fine of QR 500 and add three points against the motorists. The  Traffic Directorate has asked the motorists to avoid stopping at these boxes as it blocks smooth flow of traffic, often causing accidents.  

Vehicles are not supposed to enter these boxes if the road in front is congested even when they get a green signal. This restriction is backed by the Traffic Law of 2007 which says in article (72): “Despite having priority or if the traffic light indicates green, a motorist may not move the vehicle if such act will disrupt or hinder traffic, and whoever has priority may waive such priority if traffic conditions so require.” 

The Traffic Directorate is intensifying the monitoring of yellow boxes as 400 violations were registered in the last two months in these count. "Traffic officials will monitor yellow boxes through surveillance cameras and three images of violating vehicles will be taken. The images will be sent to the violators via Metrash and a fine of QR500 will be slapped on them along with three black points," said First Lieutenant Ahmed Ali al Kuwari, officer at Traffic Control room.

The images will capture the number plate and body of the vehicle along with the position and place of the vehicle at the yellow box, added Lt. Kuwari.