Three-day desert rose hunting event planned in the ongoing Qatar Sustainability Week

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Photo Credits: The Peninsula

Qatar Sustainability Week, an activity by Qatar Green Building Council plans to advance connect with the community in an extensive variety of sustainability oriented activities. The occasion will showcase the endeavors of Qatar's private and public segments, giving the support, coordination and advise to accomplish the country's sustainable development objectives.

A three-day activity "The Heritage" is marked by a local tour operator beginning from Thursday (17th Nov) with an exciting desert rose chasing trip to make Sustainability Week more enlightening and fascinating for the people. 

This three-day movement to study nature is planned with the assistance of Qatar Green Building Council, on November 17 (Thursday), the fans will chase these extremely beautiful desert roses with "365 Adventures" in Qatar as cited in Peninsula Qatar.

Desert rose is the familiar name given to rosette arrangements of the minerals gypsum and barite with poikilotopic sand considerations. The "petals" are precious stones straightened on the crystallographic hub, fanning open along trademark gypsum cleavage planes. Qatar National Museum's design that is under construction is been propelled by these desert roses. 


Abdul Rehman Sajid, tour guide said by this activity tourists can enjoy a desert ridge bashing and camping experience to an architectural and heritage exploration tour in the west and to witness the sunset on a kayak in the mangroves forest. 

He said desert rose hunt would be a full day family trip, the members of the trip will also visit Al Dosari Zoo and/or Sheik Faisal's Museum, later they will head towards Umm Bab to hunt for the desert roses. After enjoying the desert rose hunting members will enjoy the sunset at Dukhan shoreline and the night-lights at the admirable Camel Racing Track in Shahaniya.

He added that on 18th November, tourists will enjoy sunset at the dhow cruise and 40 minutes of Zumba at Safliyah Island. While on the third day, there would be an "Extreme Desert Show 3.0" including dune bashing for three hours at sea line, one hour extreme desert show, sunset at the inland ocean (Khor Al Adaid) and swimming at the inland ocean. He also said that they intend to give one of a kind experiences to areas that have not been explored yet.