Qatari firms to employ an additional 24,000 Indonesian workers

  • 2 years   ago
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According to a new manpower agreement between Indonesia and Qatar, Qatari firms can employ another set of 24, 000 skilled and semi-skilled Indonesian workers, to the already existing ones.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Qatar, HE Muhammad Basri Sidehabi, explained that under the rules and regulations of the agreement, agreed to allow up to 70,000 Indonesians to take up jobs in Qatar, as reported by the Qatar Tribune.

As a matter of fact, around 43,000 Indonesian are working in Qatar, and an additional 24,000 will join the workforce in Qatar gradually, as Sidehabi points out.

He also said that out of the 43,000 workers, large chucks of them are working as domestic helps. The new recruits would be working as professionals as Indonesia has enforced a ban on its citizens to work as domestic help outside the country.


In addition to it, Sidehabi also said that the embassy has set up a special cell to help the new recruits get placed, both in public as well as private sector.

In fact, many IT, engineering and healthcare firms have already approached the Indonesian workers regarding job opportunities.