Qatar Showered with Patriotic Feeling on the Reception of HH the Emir

  • 12 months   ago
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Emir HH Sheik Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani came back to Doha after delivering his historical speech at the UN General Assembly, he also paid successful visits to Turkey, Germany, France and the US.Emir HH Sheik Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani was received with warm welcome on his arrival to Qatar yesterday at Doha International Airport, the Emir was showered with flower petals and "we love Tamim" slogans at Doha Corniche by thousands of residents who gathered there to welcome him.


The Emir was welcomed at the Doha International Airport by Deputy Emir HH Sheik Abdullah bin Hamad Al Thani, H E Sheik Abdulazizbin Khalifa Al Thani, the Personal Representative of HH the Emir HH Sheik Jassimbin Hamad Al Thani, Prime Minister and Interior Minister HE Sheikh Abdulah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani among a number of other Excellencies. 

A huge number of residents gathered along the Doha Corniche to welcome the Emir, holding iconic Tamim Al Majd images and Qatar's flag. Most of the youngsters were wearing shirts with Tamim Al Majd picture while various ladies and girls were wearing clothing representing Qatari flag. 

The enormous public gathering to receive HH the Emir was an activity that was launched by citizens and residents through social media under the hashtag #All_Qatar_Receives_Tamim. Prior to the landing of convoy of the Emir at Corniche, many motorists continued playing national anthem and other patriotic tunes to warm the mood while various organizations were distributing free beverages, desserts and flagsto the public.

As the convoy of the Emir passed through Corniche, people welcomed the Emir by showering rose petals and singing the patriotic songs. "Welcome Tamim Al Majd, we like you Tamim Al Majdand not like anyone except you," was sung by a gathering of Qatari nationals. 

Residents came to Corniche to admire HH the Emir after his very successful speech at the opening session of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly. Qatari residents showed that they were exceptionally proud of their Emir and they support him unconditionally. 

With the event at the Corniche, love and loyalty of individuals for the Emir was prevailing on the social media websites. "Welcome back Sheik Tamim, this is a proud moment for us. You and only you are our leader," can be seen in many tweets.

Qatar is fully drenched in the love and patriotism of citizens and residents, the show of solidarity at the reception of the Emir was just a part of it.